Darkvolt continues the card set sponsored by Lordpanther with Faen and Ash’waren
Really Faen card should say B for bear but what do i know about cards.

We’re leaving for most of thursday on a house search. From 8hAm to the evening. I’ve the feeling the work day will be lost, and if it is proven true we’ll put up a chibi page.
As for wednesday update, kite is curently finishing it and it should be up anytime after this news update.


2 Responses to Faen and Ashwaren card

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    In Germany, Faen’s card would totes say B XD

    • Vilx- says:

      Russian edition (with Cyrillic letters) too. :) Or, well, at least that’s how it would look like (in reality the letter has the sound “v”).