I forsee the use of a chibi page in the main archive soon, for even if we are finally fully setup in this temporary location, we have to start looking for a new place. This will involve losing one day this week or the next just driving around. But for now, let’s bring your attention to Pitdragon’s views on the last page.
Probably closer to the truth than she’d want to admit.

Also i’m redoing Valladrielle from the saturday picture, simply because it was poo.
I hope for the poo to be less strong with this one.

Lunareth and Mau commissioned some nice pieces about their characters of late. First a couple pic with a great perspective for Kahru and keychain. Followed by Sakrag and Rayata, being, well, who they usualy are. Speaking of which the chibi page to come is about them.


3 Responses to Zala’s secret stash

  1. Pitdragon says:

    I didn’t think the last Valla was poo… but I’m REALLY digging this new one more.

  2. Mute says:

    I thought the last Vala’drielle was gorgeous, but this one is even moreso- and so much more dynamic! (also, fishes???!)

    Also, just to note, looks like page 95 is still unshaded- my apologies if you’re already aware, just figured I’d note it in case it just slipped the net. Good luck in your home hunt; take all the time you need- y’all have an insane update rate, I’m sure no reader will begrudge a few days off whenever you guys need them, chibi page or no chibi page.

    • Kern says:

      Starlitdragon love fishes, i’m putting fire fishes in to fulfill the expectation.
      Unfortunately the page will forever remain unshaded. it was lost in the hard drive move. It’s that or starting it over and well, we don’t have the time.