The new background’s line… and that’s a giant meh. 4 hours of meh. Let’s redo the right side without a web site template constricting to the center. I’ll just tweak it afterward it to fit.

Giveaway for Varzil. Ariel the wolf preys on Faen the bear. Ought be the opposite but Ariel should get the chance to be the predator every once and then.

Giveaway for Lordorange by Luna

Giveaway for Ylyth by Kite

Today’s daily challenge was set by Bwoman, the topic is Kel cuddling Waes. Someone shouted kitty ears and somehow they got in:

Awesome fat unicorn by Darkvolt, which will be the new clan symbol for the Kyorls once the current holy mother fall and is replaced by Keychain.
On today’s stream, we have Kite painting the next page, Lunareth continuing the whale story and i will be doing the next front page artwork : the kyorl clan.

To watch, hang out, super hang out, like litteraly outside our windows, then drop by our multistream channel! There’ll be giveaways at the end and a mid-stream challenge.


2 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. GEM76 says:

    Bwaaa…ha…ha…Faen is the prey and Ariel is the hunter to cuite.

  2. Gumbird says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be be there for there stream. But I went to Morikami Japanese Gardens! I will try to put some pictures on the form when my phone is charged up.

    Anyway, here is Key lime pie !