Bloodborne fanart,because it’s awesome.

So, we’re still alive, barely. Health has not been great but we finally have access to an oven in our temporary 1 room appartement! Woo cooking! Lost electricity many times, resulting in the page being uploaded this late. Even the car’s breaks stopped working while we were out to find food! No house, no car, no cats, no health, sometime electricity… I wish i could say i’ve something great planned for drowtales’ 14th anniversary coming this 17th but with all that happened, the best we can do is try to keep up.


7 Responses to Bloodborne

  1. Vilx- says:

    Hang on in there! It’ll get better! We’re all here for you! :)

  2. GEM76 says:

    DITO :)

  3. sarogo89 says:

    It’ll seem like forever, but eventually it’ll get better and you’ll have a house and brakes and cats.

  4. Ethanial_F'dian says:

    Sorry to hear it’s tough. Take your time, and get things in order. The fans will wait.

  5. Gunbird says:

    Get better man.

  6. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Ouch! That sucks!

    I can get a care package out to you in 3-5 days if you dare risk giving me your address.

    Good luck with things, just remember that this too will not kill you. Life will get better, and I agree with everybody else’s sentiments that we all support you and we don’t mind delays.

  7. Pariel says:

    Don’t mind taking as many breaks as you need. Good luck.