The next queen of the moon age sponsored by lordpanther. dubbed Queen of pillows.

Giveaway for bluetiggy.

The midstream challenge was “Sobering up” chosen by bobert.

Just plain surrender to kite awesome power of cute. With Nau riding this fat dragon. Giveaway for KingRaven.
And the fat cat sobering up.

Giveaway from Lunareth to Ryssia

Nothing else was completed by Lunareth that way but here is the result of the polished artwork from last week : Naalga

Darkvolt participated in the challenge too. With Inten sobering up.
On today’s stream the next queen of the previous age will be drawn, Kite will tackle the next comic pages and Lunareth will do an art trade. With a mid-stream art challenge set by the audience and giveaways at the end.

To watch, lurk, chat, listen to kite’s soothing voice or simply to praise the ducky, come to our multistream channel!


2 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    This one is not really a queen. Just an advisor to Ash’waren’s mom

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    * All hail the Queen of Pillows! Long may she plump and fluff and cushion the heads of the readers! *

    I would have thought that Quain would take the same path with alcohol that she does with everything else – extreme violence and threats of extreme violence!

    Quain’tana: The party’s over, you inebriating scum. *draws dagger* Get out! Now! Or you know what’ll happen! *waits furiously* …You were warned! *yanks fire focus from dagger’s pommel, swallows* Ah! *there is a small, muffled explosion. The fire focus shoots out of her mouth (along with a large smoke ring) and she catches it* So much for you… *wipes fire focus on a nearby Illhar’dro, replaces in dagger pommel*


    Now, is that Baliir’s mask in Naalga’s tail? What has she done to him? What is she doing to him? What is she going to do to him?? Will any other than the subscribers get to find out??? Does she even like what she sees? (I’m thinking “no”.)

    Baliir: Madam… I wear that mask for a reason. I did warn you… and no, I’m not going to sing any numbers from The Phantom of the Opera…

    Kiel’ndia: Speak for yourself, big guy! *puts on Eddie the ‘Ead mask*

    Fame’nidea & Goatar: *launch into intro*