We are back and operational. Curently located in a small loft until the end of june and ready to stream with the good old massive tablet. Which mean the regular 2hPM livestream with Lunareth and Kite will happen tomorrow!

The comic this week has been mostly chibi though we do intend to meet the 5 updates. Just the fifth will come on saturday. For now have a Zala stuck in wonderland with crazy Shinae, sponsored by Lordpanther, drawn by Donny.
Considering the current scenes in the comic, zala will soon hope she’s stuck in a crazy wonderland…

Also, Quaintana and Sabbror hypothetical baby by Mau :
Not pretty, turn away, turn away!


2 Responses to Back in action

  1. Gunbird says:

    Turn away? You mean “run” away!!!

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    So very glad you’ve found somewhere, I hope it’s plenty good enough, and I hope that there’s even better on the horizon.

    I love the wonderland piccie ;) What’s your timezone now? in GMT offset please.