Today is a very octobear day.
All the cute, all the tentacly hair! Got to love Lunareth’s rendition of what their sleep time would be.

And there were some great tribute pieces this week from readers!
Naal by Noris
Ariel by Hayden
Naal by Autumnfires
It’s good to see people still like Naal after so many years off screen.


8 Responses to Octobear, Fanarts

  1. Vilx- says:

    Like her? Damn, I’m still waiting for her to come back. :D

  2. Obsidian Agent says:

    So… either Ariel was the pregnant one, or the Jaal’darya created her. I’m going with the Jaals being responsible. Aw hell, even Ariel being the pregnant one would still require the Jaals, so they obviously are the ones who created her.

    • smokehammer says:

      Could be she’s Ariel’s half-Sulli little sister, adopted by Faen & Ariel…

    • ActionKermit says:

      I’m going with Ariel having a spaz moment and not realizing what the word ‘hypothetical’ means.

  3. Kearnaun says:

    And thus we shall see the Drowtales spinoff comedy series “How I met your (other) mother.”, where. twenty some years down the road, Ariel does her best to utterly confuzzle cute little octobear with … errrr. Or maybe not. =^_^=

  4. Alphabet Soup says:

    It’s good to see people still like Naal after so many years off screen.

    Do you not remember when Naal died and the forum let out a collective “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” ? Of course we still like Naal!

  5. Moatl says:

    Octobear reminds me to this: XD

  6. Durlyn says:

    Oh wow, I’m guessing that is one of Ariel’s younger siblings born from Mel…So very cute! The Sarghress shall conquer ALL with her cuteness! >8D