Octobear bring destruction to Quain’s war plan. Meanwhile Suna pacify Zala.

Darkvolt completed the Salandara playing card for Lordpanther and did a concept art of her since she appeard so long ago. She isn’t dead, but she won’t appear this year either. She’s with Kelnoz, saved for certain events that’s to come.

Ff14 elven archer for Shrg by Kite. the picture took her a lot of time to complete. Because of this, her new standard price for a full body character is 100$.

3 fanarts came in today. I’ll show them off tomorrow as i need to tackle the Kyorl artwork, which will likely take me 2 days. Then it’ll be finishing the daydream switching role page.

And on that topic of schedule. We are moving on the 7th and will only have work station ready mid 8th. That’s not exactly including a living space being ready. It may be a two days work interuption, we’Ll see, worst case it’ll be chibi time. I know people don’t like chibi interuption right in the middle of a story , though, when you think about it, this chapter is already 100 pages long. Which is a continuous 5 months. XD it’s hard not to interupt at some point. Well, it’s chibi OR really small pages. like 3 panels small. Which is better to your opinion?


7 Responses to Octobear, Salandara, FF14 elven, schedule,

  1. riffy says:

    I just really want to see quain cooing over octobear now. :’D

    As for the question of chibi or smaller pages, no preference for me. Whatever is easiest.

    • Kern says:

      I’m sure we’re bound to see a piece involving quain soon.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      I’m thinking that Quain would more likely be grabbing Octobear and trying to eject her from her war planning table. And failing, because Octobear clings to various parts of her with her octohair, and refuses to be dislodged, no matter how much Quain shakes, pushes, grabs and claws. And any attempts to swing or bash Octobear against a solid piece of scenery simply causes her to migrate suddenly to another part of Quain’s person. Homage to Looney Tunes ensues. Eventually, Quain would stop fighting and try weaponising…

      Snadhya’rune: ..ak ..hair… in my… *wheeze* can’t… breathe…

      Quain’tana: That’s it, sweetie, you hug naughty Snaddy’s head nice and tight while we deal with her so-called bodyguard… *thrust* *parry* *kill* *kill* *kill* There’s a good girl! Yes, you took out Snaddy nice and fast! Sealers – anything?

      Sealer: No, my Ill’haress, all clear.

      Quain’tana: Good. Now, sweetie… how about a special hairwash? Yes, I do think you’ve earned it, yes I do! You took down that big, nasty Snaddy so well, you get to wash your hair in her, and be a full Sarghress! Yes! *slice* ♫This is the way we wash our hair, Wash our hair, Wash our hair, This is the way we wash our hair, Tra la la-la-la la-la!♫ *nosebeeps Octobear with blood-covered finger*

      Octobear: *giggle* *goes cross-eyed looking at red spot on her nose*


      Disturbing childhood experiences – it’s what growing up Sarghress is all about!

  2. smokehammer says:

    I like Chibies, and well the story isnt exactly on a serious and somber angle atm anyway, so I dont think it would be jarring especially if the chibies stayed with Kiel, Nau & Naal.

    On a side note, Shrgs archer looks suspiciously like a long lost kin of Jarlaxle.

  3. Ethanial_F'dian says:

    Chibies would be great!

    But NB the last time you did chibies in mid chapter you pushed them to the back of the chapter when it was done. That is, we had jokes about Kalki, which were really funny after she cut off Ariel’s arm. But now they were moved to after Kalki was executed by her mother which kinda made them more sad than funny… ‘^^ So have them work in the end of the chapter too :-)

    Anyways, thanks for a great comic – even while you guys are moving!