Commission for Farex of super mario world endboss with Ariel, Faen and fat cat taking the roles. Ariel take the power up mushroom to grow in several ways.
I’m happy with that one for once. Videogames are my hobby and this final battle with bowser has a lot of nostalgia value. Of course there’s boobs this time but hey, they were a good practice for anatomy.
Giveaway Shadowrun orc oni character for Icecabbit
Epic giveaway for Bwoman by Kite. i don’t know the character but he is bringing the POTATO.
Giveaway for bobert by Darkvolt of Sara and Baliir kissing

Kite finished coloring monday’s page in record time too!
I haven’t received Darkvolt’s card concept yet, likely it need more tweaking.
As for shrg’s commission by Kite, it’ll be completed soon after this news post is made. So check your email box Shrg!
On today’s stream.
Kite paint some Naal and Kiel mayhem. I tackle the next super mario world crossover. And Darkvolt draws a playing card set themed on drowtales characters. To be wrapped up in the end with the giveaways to the audience.
This week stream will be shorter than usual with the giveaways starting 4 hours after the beginning of the stream. To watch, hangout, chat or listen to the cute sneezes of Kite. Drop by our multistream channel.


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  1. Dalvyserran says:

    That character is archangel azrael