cutiedarkfae asked:
Can we give Shasana a hug? And perhaps bring up some nice crumpets and tea?


As for next commission, i was striken by a migraine before i could go beyond the draft of the kyorl background. It took half my day and thus i couldn’t finish today’s page.
This said, i best go sleep so i can be awake for the 2hPM livestream. See you there.


2 Responses to Shasana, Kyorl bg draft

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    But why not, Sha’sana!? It’s not like I’m carrying a disease!

  2. smokehammer says:

    It’s probably because the offer sucked. We might get further with two Mimian Dark elf boys of good breeding wearing little other than feathers – one carrying a chocolate cream pie, and the other, Kahlua.