Hope you’re all enjoying the Kiel and Naal madness going on!
I couldn’t work much on commission during the days dedicated to Kite’s driving practices as these take hours of my day away. I will attempt to ink Lordpanther’s daydream page on thursday and the Kyorl cover for Starlitdragon on friday. Farex commission will be saturday. Gem76 commission will start next week.

tinavy35 asked:
Which three characters are oldest?
Shasana : As old as the current age, perhaps older. At that point it’d be hard for her to relate to any current events as being anything that matters.
Zhor : Born in the first century of the current age. Considering his skin color, you can assume he started after the end of the old world, but before there was an underworld civilisation.
Snadhya : Born in the second century during Chel beginning, before there were even such things as clans. Making her the oldest drow alive in the cast.

Someone on tumblr asked me the question about the oldest character but lunarreverb pointed out i forgot Ashwaren. And she is right, i did misremembered her age. She would be second place as she was a very young child when the last of her nation collapsed.


13 Responses to Top 3 age

  1. sarogo89 says:

    Does Diva count , or is she to be considered dead ? Also would Tlu’rath be considered older then Snadhya ?

    • Dalvyserran says:

      Oldest alive it looks like… Maybe tlu’rath came with the first belds, born a drow on the road

    • Moatl says:

      If Zhor counts, Diva should count as well.
      Zhor was transformed into a new body twice, Diva only one time.
      I don’t know if the transformations of Zhor are comparable to the transformation of Diva.
      This has to be decided by the Val’Jaal’daryas or Dr. Victor Fran’kern’stein. ;)

      • Dalvyserran says:

        That’s his same body, and zhor never died…

        • Tainted Messiah says:

          Technically neither did Diva.. just a shifting of form..

          • Dalvyserran says:

            All Wi’am did was undo what was done to Zhor’s body, but the guy never died. Diva herself says that the one that is with Sillice now is no more than an aether echo of the Diva that died on the throne. Diva is effectively dead and a flesh golem is walking around with her full memories.

          • Kern says:

            To me Diva died. If her body dying and her “spirit” leaving means she is still alive, for all we know a lot of old people are still alive as demons wandering some other places. Aka Sharess in a certain daydream story.

  2. Gunbird says:

    How Kites doing with the driving anyway?

  3. Razara says:

    My parakeet Sha’sana finds current events as being rather unimportant, as well. Kids these days don’t understand that pulling on a bead with your beak to make a bell ring is of the utmost importance.

    Except for her good friend Shan’naal, that is. He totally gets it.

  4. Sola'lu says:

    Wait, I thought Zhor was already a grown man when Ash and Diva were children?