About what to do with the livestream improvement. We discussed the possibility of having a mid-stream challenge event. All artist drop what they’re doing, we spin a random event selector from people suggestions and we basicly do a “daily challenge” type of drawing with only 15 minutes to do them. To shake things up mid-stream and give us a 5 minute off screen while people input their ideas. Good? Bad?

Dalvy’s concept is complete. Of the old Beld crazy from 2002 that was never used. Perhaps she’ll appear in the next chapter, we’ll see what happens soon enough! Though i admit now that the current chapter is looking longer than i thought. At least there’s no build up anymore, it’s all actions till the end from now on.

And Lunareth completed the Lordpanther’s penri commission.


10 Responses to old face anew

  1. Metzger says:

    Nin’dil has some serious crazy eyes…fittingly enough

  2. sarogo89 says:

    Nin’diil’s back, and looks better then ever. Her eyes make her look a bit bonkers though.
    And a house lady lady too, she’d be great for hosting dinner parties (assuming house lady means she never leaves her house, so that’s all she can do).
    Waes : *looks at dinner invitation* Who wants to go to a crazy ladies dinner party ?
    Naika : Oh hel yeah! That ladies friggin’ funny ! *marks dinner date*

  3. Metzger says:

    another thing about Nin’diil, she got merged taint instead of ordinary taint? looks that way on her eyes, or is she just that insane?

  4. Obsidian Agent says:

    Ya know, with a skirt that short, she probably unintentionally flashes her panties whenever she does, well, anything really (thinks back to several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series where the same thing would often happen). But then, she’s probably too crazy to care, or might actually be doing it on purpose.

    And as long as they’re black panties, I don’t think the other Belds would care too much.

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    Oh, that exchange at bottom right…

    Nin’diil: No-one’s dead… they’re just resting.

    Waes’soloth: Resting, eh? Well, if they’re resting, I’ll wake them up! Wake up Beldies! Wake up Beldrobbaen! I have a nice chocolate bar for you if you will just wake up! Beldie Beldie Beldie! *thump thump thump* Beldie Beldie Beldie! *thump thump thump* Now that’s what I call a dead drowolath!

    Nin’diil: You stunned them! You stunned them just as they were waking up! People from my house stun easily!


    • Samireh says:

      They’ve passed on! They are no more! They have ceased to be! They have expired and gone to meet their Goddess! They are stiff, bereft of life, they rest in peace.