With 6 hours exactly, today’s challenge were overcome.
First was Farex super mario crossover with Ariel as a luigi, Faen as princess peach and fat cat as bowser. It was a fun one to do which will have a follow up next week ; the commissioner decided to have the idea #5 from the stream brainstorming to be done as well.

The giveaway for Cutiesquiggoth of Naalga in goth dress.

Giveaway from Luna to Eliirshan:

Kite completed monday page and Luna almost finished Penri commission for lordpanther.
That sum up today’s stream. I’d like to come up with ideas of discussions for upcoming stream to help make the events more interactive but nothing came to mind as of yet.
On today’s stream i will be tackling a Mario bros crossover, Lunareth will do Penri and Kite will wrap up the next page of moonless age. With the usual request giveaways at the end of the stream.
To watch , hang out or just go fat cat hunting, drop by our multistream channel!


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