Ssh, don’t tell Kiel, Naal is being stealthy.

Also finished Alric’s concept art.
Turgeis and Dietra’s son, as a teenager. Next will be Dalvy’s concept though on saturday the entire stream will be dedicated to that Mario bros special. Speaking of which–
The livestream will start at the usual 2hPM with Luna and Kite. Yes a kite!


2 Responses to Stealth naal

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    “Be vewwy quiet… I’m hunting Vloz’wess!”

    Couldn’t resist… >:=)>

    So, what does Krui’adh think of fangirls? What would Die’tra think of fangirls bothering her son? What would Tur’geis think? How about fangirls with kegs of good ale? >;=)>

    • Alric says:

      Krui’adh might already have a fangirl, in fact. I doubt Krui’adh would mind the attention anyways. I’m certain his parents wouldn’t mind if people brought over strong drink, in the least!