Moon age queen for Lordpanther. Nothing naughty in this one beside proportion. Still, it goes on daydream with the others. The queen is from the velcahal story Madea wrote years ago. Also the queen of flower daughter appeard in the main story for a very short time.

Giveaway for Ltanders
Darkvolt’s giveaway. A mantis with a top hat conquering the world?
He also finished a page which went online on we are ferals.
Kite gift to a FF14 friend. So people who want to commission their FF14 characters from kite can know what to expect.
Crest of the star’s main character with fat cat by Luna for Lay. Also she finished a commission but it was not shared publicly.
Dietra current status in the main story. Held forever bound by Kharla’s pupeteering strings , mid-way about to drink her beer. The ultimate torture for her.

concept art in progress of Alric and Lunareth character’s child.

On today’s stream, we have a queen of flowers and a child concept art. For Darkvolt we have the usual kitties. And on Lunareth side we have beef! Actually i don’t know what Lunareth will tackle but beef is sure to appear. Followed by the giveaways to the audience.
To watch, listen, hang out or cause general mayhem in the aftermath of the cat apocalypse, drop by our multistream channel!


2 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Alric says:

    Oh, of course that’ll never happen to Die’tra, she’s way too strong for that. XD Nothing can get between an indomitably savage Gimirri and her beer!

    Krui’adh’s looking great!