Livestream at 2hPM east time zone. A new queen , of flowers this time, and concept art of Dietra&Turgeis son. Followed by the giveaway of course! Lunareth will be there, still unsure on the third participant.

Madea wrote a new part to his Kahru and Keychain fic. Which sprong this very cute picture:

Tackled the next concept art today which strangely enough is one of the oldest beldrobbaen character. The one that was never used from the beldrobbaen world setting page from 2002. You know the page that doesn’t exist and yet strangely showed up again? Somehow over the years she got drawn several time.
Well she got a facelift. Sketch only so far but face lift regardless. gone are the demonic boobs plate, spider web coat, dual hair color… Dalvy sent me this fanart by Blackmors to refresh my memory after the sketch

Also Kite new catboy chasing sheep. Because, sheeps are the bane of all living things.


14 Responses to Keychain fic, old forsaken beldrobbaen character

  1. sarogo89 says:

    Nin’diils back ! And this time she doesn’t have the boob plates which were the craze back in the 1090’s .

    Nin’diil : Everyone else was doin’ it ! *shrugs*
    Even in the drow you can always rely on fashion to be so terrible that it has to be altered every year, and given a complete overhaul every decade. *nods*

  2. Metzger says:

    was she the one that was half-tainted?

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m starting to think ponytails are a sign of insanity in the Drowtales universe…

  4. BlackMors says:

    NIN’DIIL!!!!!! I’ve always wanted her to show up!

  5. Razara says:

    Glad to see Nin’diil is making an appearance. I drew her in a Drowtales fan story years ago, but once the old world setting pages were removed there was no longer any tangible evidence of her existence, which sucked since I wanted it to be believable. My stupid story aside, she looks cool, and thus deserves to appear in the main archive. Her description was cool, as well.

    • Kern says:

      She was erased from existance. That’s what happen when they travel back in time , it make pictures of them fade away! :p