Yes i have defeated the tumblr people in single combat.
Or just gave them their prizes.
Here is the lastest one, for countessthunderboots.
Shake shake. Experimenting with the coloring style. Like for poncho that mean 2 layer of overlay , no mask, just airbrushing shapes and erasing where i think the colored overlay shouldn’t hit + usual skin tones. When i think about it, it’s pretty much what i did for skin tone but applied everywhere with a different layer mode. Dunno if it’s any good but it’s quick.


5 Responses to Giveaway winners, defeated

  1. Obsidian Agent says:

    I take it that it’s just coincidence that the belly dancer looks kind of like an elf version of Kite?

  2. smokehammer says:

    This style of shading gives a more natural look to the skin, but it sort of takes the dramatic effect you normally have away, esp on the cloth.