Before i forget again. Luna gave us a precious drop of wisdom back during the last stream regarding the male characters in the main story. Why is Baliir a better beef than Kel to her opinion?

I love Kel’noz, but he is sooo gay!

There you go. By this standard Baliir win. Now hide the Baliir x Kuso fic from 10 years ago.

Yes she will. She spent the last few years making her superhero costume…
Second giveaway winner result. Trying a slightly different coloring style from the usual.

Also someone on tumblr sent this fanmail:

phi-unbound asked:
Hoy, just poppin in to say: I’ve been an off-and-on reader for years, and you’ve been a real inspiration for me. Please continue being cool!



3 Responses to Naal will save you

  1. Ombreh says:

    Oh no he’s adorable. *saved*

  2. Toto says:

    I love Baliir and Kel’noz and everythins is okay!

  3. Synathra says:

    Gay? I knew it! Once I catch him, Kel is MINE!!! >:-D