Kite stepped in for the third slot today. And regardless of that, i’m happy to say we reached 50 viewers at the same time today. It doesn’t sound much but we hadn’t been able to reach that count since we left
FIrst, the big commission for farex. 3 characters meant that i wrapped this one up 3 hours after the stream.

Giveaway for Tsukiko

Keychain, merchant edition, with the whale, from Darkvolt.

Kite herself, portrayed by Darkvolt

Lordorange’s elf by Kite

Sarai for Sarai by Mau

Kaito Dark dungeon style, by kite

Kaito and Fat cat, by Kite

Happy keychain with her cherry, by Kite
Will be at 2hPM east. And unless some illness strike again, it’ll be 6 hours long for a difficult commission will be tackled that day. Big stuff has been happening for us in the last few days which will hopefully be wrapped up on sunday. We cross on fingers on that.
On today’s livestream i will be tackling a Mel & Snadhya cake and tea time with a certain lack of upper garment. Mau will be drawing a comic page about racers fighting for a princess. And darkvolt will draw the most diminutive feral trying to be tackle seriously in the next we are ferals update. All 3 to end with the usual giveaways.
To watch, lurk, extra lurk, super lurk or just hang out with us during that bright sunny or possibly snowy and dark saturday afternoon, drop by our multistream channel!


3 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. vernes says:

    Off to a birthday party, not sure if I am back in time to lurk.
    But totally going to buy Slyand’iss more cameo-time.
    Maybe have him roughed up some.

  2. smokehammer says:

    What about mega lurking?