We live! Somehow a day disapeard however. We’ll catch up and there will be 5 updates this week.
And Gem’s 6 months in waiting commission is finally completed!
My greatest work shame. May such delay never happen again. Sorry Gem. Now new commissions are coming in, with one from Khora and one from Dalvy. I won’t take long to get to them but for now, this thursday and friday, i’ll do the giveaway for the tumblr winners. This saturday i’m not sure yet what’s going to be. Either Farex’s Snadhya and Mel picture , if he is available. Or Lordpanther’s next queen, if he is available. If it is the queen though, i can do Khora’s sketch then as well.

Someone asked “Why is keychain named keychain?” The character of Annah is born from our discussions about the merchant in the whale hunt story over at daydream. How small and cute she is in comparaison to Slainne. So small she might as well be picked up like a keychain, an accessorie to slainne!
Partly because it’d be cute, partly to break from Luna’s usual strong barbarian women and their body type, Annah was born;
It’s quite likely you’ll see a story about her after Slainne’s whale hunting. She is a closet naughty after all.


4 Responses to Evil Zair and keychain

  1. Lunareth says:

    Actually, the term “keychain” came first, this is how i started calling ssus in general because of their sizes xD
    And than Anah was born when Madea offered an erotic story with Kahru (whom im totally obsessed with *licks licks*), only if we can figure out a lover for him. I was like, OKAY I MAKE A KEYCHAIN, and now she is the official Keychain <3
    Fun fact: She meant to be a one-night throw-away character, but she turned out SO PERFECT, so delicate, so lovely and SHO CUTE that now she is totally canon and OTP with Kahru <3 Short story of the cutest keychain <3

  2. Farex says:

    I’ll definitely be there for the Saturday stream!

    • LordPanther says:

      I definitely will not be there. Going to be another month before I can make it to a stream.

      • Kern says:

        Then it’s decided, Farex one will be this saturday. I will complete your two commission this month lordpanther.