So the demon is finally there. After so many years. Yes it a flaw in the story , yes i will not introduce future plot points years ahead anymore. Though considering the story is so advanced by now that its an easy promise to make.
Remember the demon?
Or it’S glorious appearance on top of kite’s head?
Ah 2010, a year so full of promises. If only Kite’s head could emerge from that gate as well, holding upon it’s top the demon they all feard. Unknowing that the true terror was underneath.

Terror like Keychain holding a two handed sword as per Chiri’s encouragement. When that thing fall it’s bound to hurt somebody, or at least somebody’s ears.
And speaking of keychain.
Elhiirshan did a nice portrait of her as a return thanks for the livestream giveaway
Nice reader arts… Which bring me to the others i’ve seen this week end on tumblr and deviantart.
Snadhya by isness
Kiel for Kuri by Uxia
Adventure time vloz by Blackmors
And cameo couple by Oroshe


12 Responses to Of cute greater demon

  1. Lunareth says:


  2. Dalvyserran says:

    Didn’t even see that last one. Perhaps one day, Ash’mita can return to advance her plans

  3. Obsidian Agent says:

    Yeah, 2010 was a pretty cool year. Coincidentally, it was also the year I discovered DT (among other things…).

    And Kite’s head coming out of the gate? Maybe have that as a chibi parody?

  4. KittyH says:

    Why is her name Keychain? Just curious. I love her character concept. She’s awesome.

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    Adventure Time, conglom with your friends,
    We’ll turtle very distant lands,
    Naal the thing and Kiel the Vloz’ress,
    The taint will never end, Adventure Time.

    That Keychain and her proclivities! She needs someone with a latex affinity and an eye for costume design to help her craft suits for all her special friends… where’s Kemono Inukai when you need him? >;=)>

  6. Durlyn says:

    LOL, you guys should make more demon plushies, they’re pretty cool :3

    P.S. I don’t really see how its a flaw in the story, the old page describes what Senekha & her followers had planned and it seems to all add up with what’s going on in the recent updates, including the demon god’s origins and what not (so no worries! its all good). Though I still say they’re all crazy for even attempting to summon Tick’thulu in the first place, regardless of whether they end up with a mad demon god on the loose or a Super Kharla XD