A short stream today, interupted by saving issue, bout of dizzyness and the most malicious of all : sleep. Which struck Lunareth and reduced her HP to 0
queen Istivan for Lordpanther. A character made by Madea for the 2007 moon age story on daydream.

Giveaway for Eliirshaan by Lunareth
Giveaway for isness.

Beside that, a lot of funny faces for Ninit in the next whale story page.
and discussion about upgrading daydream rank of slavemaster to buttmaster. Including a thank you for supporters in the announcement box in the front page. And move this news feed on the front page, below the archive boxes.

And the giveaway for the tumblr contest was announced. 2 of the 3 winners are clearly drowtales readers as they have cameos in the current chapter! Thanks for following!
On today’s stream. Lunareth will do Slainne hunting the whale and i will tackle one of the moon age queen pinup. Followed by the giveaway. No third streamer today as we are very much last minute. To watch, chat or just hang out , drop by our multistream channel.


5 Responses to saturday stream

  1. LordPanther says:

    Upgraded rank of Slavemaster? Real sad I missed out on that conversation now.

    • Kern says:

      It’s purely cosmetic at this point. Slavemaster is an old story by now , and yet we praise the butt during our streams. We must own up to it.

  2. Obsidian Agent says:

    *looks at last picture*

    Is… is Snadhya isness’ waifu? Because he has VERY disturbing tastes in women if that’s the case…