Yes smash, for i’ve worked on commission from morning to night. Daydream needed an update badly and i had 4 days of buffer on the main comic so might as well put some time on these two hard commissions.
Page 4 of switching roles, that remake of daydream original story from 2002 is now up. AND mark the start of the voting sequence. Unlike other stories, this one lock you to pre-set choices as it is sponsored by Lordpanther. In the end has the say so. The story does not require a warning and warning, it’s very nsfw.
Oh the jokes Luna made when she learned what Faen could do with that… abillity.
Also, page done without photoshop, because photoshop is still a pain.

And i’ve got the chance to set the colors for Gem76 commission. That one now stand as the one that took the longest to get around to complete. It’s not a good record to have.

Saturday stream will be at 2hPM, and will feature the next moon age queen. What come after that is likely all giveaways. Either for the tumblr followers or the livestream audience. One of each maybe? Luna has a whale page and Darkvolt a we are feral page, as per their usual.

Speaking of Luna, she did a very adorable scene between her two favourite ssu of the moment.



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  1. Lunareth says:

    Im just here to say “Kahru <3", thats all, bye