The coloring need more hours before thursday’s page can go online. Expect it later in the afternoon, or even early evening.
beside keeping with the pages, these hijinks by Lunareth happened earlier. Look at those cute cheeks being squished!

tiny ssu kittenfight, because they are just nope xD

[4:35:32 PM] Lunareth Anarkath: YES IT GOES FOR LADIES
[4:35:32 PM] Lunareth Anarkath: OF COURSE SHE NEVER HEARD OF IT
[4:35:34 PM] Lunareth Anarkath: HAH


STOP GIVING ME THIS LOOK I SHOULDNT FEEL GUILTY… you started burning educational books! >_>
Okay here is a sorry cake for Chiri, stop looking at me like this and stuff your face on it < .<

Poor chiri.
Now the burning of “educational books” refer to certain lude books that were portrayed being burnt by Chiri last week.


8 Responses to Tiny ssu kitten fight

  1. Lunareth says:

    Fine! Dont eat my cake than! >B(

  2. Gunbird says:

    You and Kite are still having problems with Photo-Shop? Man that sucks. Is there any way to fix it?

    And as for the cake, I reminds me of this song.

    • Kern says:

      getting my computer back with my photoshop installation already all setup? :D…
      my computer is 5000km from here and weight 50 pounds. It,s a home server in an extra big case with 6 hard drives in 3 raids 0, couldn’t bring it.

  3. Hfar says:

    Methinks that Chiri thinks that this pastry is indeed a falsehood.

  4. Vlashrod says:

    Don’t mind it Chiri .. you just had choco cake :p