Lunareth did this giveaway with success on tumblr to promote her arts and so i follow with my own attempt. Let’s see if it bear fruits.
Now anyone can participate and the reward is of any characters, any setting, OC included(i saw your question Blackmors!). However no backgrounds. The coloring will be done in that flat shaded style seen below with the Kaito picture i’ve made for Kite.
It’s her miqote cat boy from ff14.

I brought the idea to Valts for the next feature of the site to be a way to thanks supporters. Be subscribers, donators and patrons of arts. We’ll discuss where and how to do it during this saturday’s stream.

as for the private livestream, it did not happen, yet. Lordpanther had other obligation which is good considering some real life troubles came knocking.(Again about the house we left behind, always that damn house. Had we stayed it would have eventually ruined us financialy and mentally.) The next attempt for the stream will be in the morning. As for gem commission, some progress on the flat coloring, that’s it. As for the page buffer, still fine, now tackling monday’s page.

And Kite completed a super cute commission too!
It’s a lord of the ring online character. Give her the ring already! May her dark reign cover middle earth.


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  1. Jak'iaah says:

    HA I hadn’t seen that Crossbreed Priscilla one until now. That tail. If I had a tumblr I’d enter this just for a shot at a version with goddamn black bastard Kalameet. skdfjaksdjhfaksjdhf