Current status of tuesday page(67) : a bit late. We’ll be sure to put up something tonight. As for the buffer on my side it’s now up to friday as i’m working on page 71.
First Mau completed the epic Pirate Kiel vs Kraken Naal commission for Lordpanther. Now wheter Naal will look like a kraken when kiel visits later this month is to be seen…
And white ninja Sasi for Thalar. TO compensate for the poor quality of the last commission’s coloring.
A new commission came in about Mel and Snadhya to fill the slot of the first march’s livestream. For this saturday it’ll be the next moon age queen pinup. As for tuesday afternoon Lordpanther requested i work in a special stream on the next sponsored daydream page. Gem’s page still need to be done though. Cutiesquiggoth requested her commission to wait a later date. And that FF14 commission i’ve yet to hear back on the sketch. That cover the status on everything that is left on the roster i beleive. After having dozens of commissions pending, it’s weird to be down to so few. I don’t expect the roster to become empty for as soon as i’m done with gem and lordpanther that mean 2 more are coming but if you needed a commission done faster than usual, now is probably the right time to send me an email.


One Response to Pirate and Ninja

  1. smokehammer says:

    I see Kiel finally managed to stop chasing and actually capture Nau’s booty. ;P