Today’s daily challenge was “Goat” , chosen by Mau.
No majestic creature there. I had some crazy goats in mind when doing this.
Darkvolt’s goat in contrast is quite sad. probably because it saw what happen to the rest of it’s kind above.
And Mau’s rayata managed to find a way to kick ass. Now mau though made this a 40 minutes challenge and would be poked quite a bit had the result not be so awesome.

Quick 15 minutes cat for a friend birthday’s. She love cat, she love bacon. And she’s the caretaker of our kitties during our absence. Apparently Minuit, our tiniest cat, has promptly taken over her heart.

Kite begun taking commission again! however only for Final fantasy 14 themed artworks. Here’s is the work in progress.


3 Responses to Of goat, cat and bacon cake

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    Kite’s doing FF14 commissions? Maybe some day I’ll have FF14 MErsedeh done…

    Speaking of which, I found a moogle plushie at Katsucon and a couple of chocobo buttons ^^

  2. Miburo says:

    Happy Chinese newyear !! Year of the goat!!
    Fame approves and wants to go on adventures with Rataya

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Awesome goats.

    Needs more gun-toting goat men from the Sharess story though.