Finally time to make progress on the big commission.Bad news is that the next page is still being colored. It’ll go online in the afternoon.
Gem’s page got inked.
Keychain and rayata together makes for a good contrast. Anyone agrees on the favor of books?


8 Responses to adventure vs book

  1. Lunareth says:

    Cutest introvert Keychain <3

  2. Sternguard777 says:

    I love books. I get to sit and read about awesome adventures. Far better Rincewind the wizard get into a series of zany life threatening adventures than me.

  3. Thrair says:

    Shit + Fan = Current page :)

  4. Thrair says:


  5. ActionKermit says:

    Is that Sasi? It looks like she’s armored herself head-to-toe to avoid falling victim to Ariel’s flesh-grabbing ability.

  6. Thrair says:

    Not sure. I actually thought it was the next page of the comic. Which is why I made the “hitting the fan” comment.