Just wrapped up this week 5 updates. it’s good to have them all up on time for once. Let see if we can keep it up.
by now i think most readers will have noticed that Ariel’s hair got more reactive than prior to the Felde event. Like for Kiel’s demons, it’s now one more way to show Ariel’s emotion as the hair will react as if a third limb that follow subconcious thoughts. In this case, it’s shows the fish is not fish.

last of the concept for this chapter is Durlyn’s sister character. I hope to have these last 2 sketches of concept art done by saturday evening. And finish some long awaiting commission.

Speaking of commission, I’ve one FF14 artwork that was commission in october, for which i sent a sketch early january. However i’ve never got a reply about it. four time i contacted the commissioner without luck. If you’re around and have changed email address, msg me please?


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  1. swedish_kitsune says:

    Dont burn yourselves out by working this hard.
    We love your work, but we don’t want you to be destroyed by it <3