Based on our saturday livestream discussion of what would happen if Chiri were to find smut defiled books among keychain’s collection. A proper ssu would never admit to liking it. Thus this scene by Lunareth,
Luna’s missing giveaway from last saturday. I do not recall who won this one nor what it was about.
Dalvy commissioned a painted picture of her Nishi’kanta bloodline character.

i really should draw more things beside the pages. Must find determination!


5 Responses to smut book burning

  1. Flag says:

    The giveaway Luna made is Vengeful Spirit (a dota2 hero/character). Don’t remember who won it though.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Oh, the humanity pornographicity!! Won’t somebody think of the smut!?!

    Faen: I will! Preserve those naughty pages!

    Die’tra: Yes!

    Kiel’ndia: Yoink!

    Chirinide: Stop! Put those tomes of filth down! Put that ssu down!! Cease this sacrilegious undoing of my holy work! And stop that indecent ssu-glompage!! Return those unclean works to the flames!! And remove your perverted buttock-fondling hands from that grey posterior!! Sharess commands it!!! Are you even listening to me!!?!?! Come back here!!!! Come baaaaack!!!!!! D-X

    Alternatively, someone could just throw a bar of chocolate into the flames, let Chiri remove them in a panic, and sneak away with the books while she was rescuing and consuming the chocolate in the name of Sharess.

    Chirinide: *om nom nom* Such a sweet comestible should not be left to tempt the irreverent and impure of mind… *om nom nom* I am doing Sharess’s work here… *om nom nom* Hey… aren’t there supposed to be a load of books to burn here- oh, never mind – eating chocolate… *nom nom nom…


    And that is an awesome pic of Nishi girl and her owl (or an awesome pic of Nishi girl being photobombed, courtesy of a Mimian).

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    That giveaway pic looks like Fury from Darksiders.

  4. Starlitdragon says:

    …psst! Kyorl-centric webpage design! ahahaahahaha BURNN EVERYTHING

    I know you’re super busy though ;__;