Darkvolt, winner of this year manga contest and creator of 15 years later contest entry.

You may also know him from the forum or from Path to power.

He recently joined Studio drowtales with a first project that will be published online after chapter 13 is complete. To celebrate his victory in the contest and his new work, we’ve interviewed him. Unfortunately i still have microphone issues. In order to boost the sound volume, i tried to speak very close to the microphone but the result is far from perfect. It is full of poping noise. Until we replace our microphone or Samson release a vista driver, it may be very difficult to record podcats.


5 Responses to Drowtales podcast : Dark volt interview

  1. Vilx- says:

    Idea #347-A/33: get a digital dictation machine that can trasfer the results to a computer via USB?

  2. Insanity says:

    *insert fanoboy scream of joy here*

  3. Suntiger says:

    Hehe, quite a funny interview and I loved the accents! ^_^

    Good luck with your education/work and other projects, Darkvolt!

  4. DarkVolt says:

    thank you suntiger ^^

  5. Pitdragon says:

    “Is it still too loud?” XD *pets Madea*