A tad shorter stream today due to technical difficulty at the start and Lunareth was exhausted by the end. Still a lot got done.
Concept art for Starlitdragon.

Concept art for gem76

giveaway for tsukiko

Skype on siri smut

Pikachu. Don’t ask me why.

Athaeyen of starlit. Darkvolt remember her from her early non-cute days.

giveaway for thatguythisguy

And the 1 year anniversary picture for We are ferals
On today’s livestream, i will be tackling whoever has a commission and is online, followed by one concept art. Darkvolt will do a cover for we are ferals and Lunareth will do something awesome, we just don’t know what! Then at end the stream will be our usual giveaway to the audience.
To watch, participate or be a luigi nose, drop by our multistream chat!


17 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Starlitdragon says:

    Thanks for the awesome drawings, both of you!! DV, I love that pose. It’s totally perfect.

    I remember when Darkvolt drew Athaeyen for that Naal and Kiel arc. I can’t find it in the main comic anymore, but I know it’s out there! ;___;

  2. partner555 says:

    Zair looks more feminine then I remember.

  3. Razara says:

    Very nice to see Zair looking more feminine, since before now I generally couldn’t imagine him being mistaken as a woman too often, but now I can definitely see that happening. Very beautiful.

    Also, I thought Athaeyen was holding taiyaki for a moment. I don’t care if the underworld is about to implode– if I could find housing across from a bakery that sold Taiyaki, I would move there in a second.

  4. Ombreh says:

    Shadow n Fish are totally making sense together. Don’t question it. The best fish comes from the great darkness.

  5. junglefowl26 says:

    So, are Zair and Durlyn ever going to team up to pry Faen and Ariel apart? Should be amusing to see.

    • GEM76 says:

      Zair: That would be awesome but you never know what the future may hold…you never know. >:3

    • Razara says:

      If they arrange for Faen to be kidnapped by Helians, allowing them to travel all the way to Hel in order to heroically save her, then they might have a chance with Faen. They should practice traveling to and from Hel right away so that Ariel doesn’t get there first.

    • Sha'kaas says:

      With Faen’s empathy the two of them would probably play along just to get Durlyn and Zair in bed with them. Though Faen would probably make Zair wear one of Ariel’s dresses.

  6. GEM76 says:

    This is great I really love his feral pajams thou :)

  7. Thrair says:

    I *knew* the name Zair rang a bell. I agree. Looks much more ambiguous, now. Between them and Synathra (who I was informed a while back is actually male), we can probably name this Sarghress squad the “DLAL Squad.” – Dude (Drow) looks like a lady!