Livestream will be at 2hPm with Lunareth and Darkvolt. 2hPm because my livestream rig is untested on this laptop as of yet and because 2hPM has become 11hAM due to the time zone wizards. Those wizards… always messing with things they don’t understand.

No commission progress to report today. But, we’re not late on the pages which is a big plus. All this thanks to Lunareth!
Who is doing a project with Madea lately about Kahru and a lady dubbed “keychain”.
Madea’s story that goes with this:

” … The woman watched him openly, calmly, and he felt strangely embarrassed at her unyielding gaze, as though she could see his myriad sins. He felt oddly naked and exposed, even though he did not feel like he was under an Inquisitor’s touch. ”


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