I was writing a big scene for the sarghress today where they refer to past victories, trying to outdo each other. When i counter-checked the cameo info however, as there is a lot of sarghress without concept art in this chapter, i realized the person did not brought back their old sarghress character but instead submitted a new one. Which bring me to this advice to people who consider a cameo for an upcoming chapter:
If you have had a cameo in the past that can fit in the story. It is always best to bring her or him back instead of making a new one. The readers care for familiar faces that has appeared before or even better, has done something meaningful. Not only that but i’m more likely to be able to fit said character in something meaningful again. The case example is always Fame whose owner, Miburo, always brought back. She doesn’t feel like a cameo because she’s always there. At this point she might as well be cast member. Or Tebryn, owned by Thalar, who threw a last taunt at Zala’ess before departing as she was the one to find the dead body of Diva. Had it been a different sarghress, this would not have been possible. People are a lot less likely to question her being at Quain’s side than a new face considering she’s been there since chapter 14.

Speaking of old chapter. Starlitdragon brought back a background cameo from chapter 2. Yes there’s no zero missing there, 2. Proof to point, Kite did a picture of this character 10 years ago. You know it’s old when Kite mention doing a collab with her “boyfriend” and said boyfriend isn’t me.
This character is a merchant that’s now serving as cook for the sarghress
She’s certainly getting quirkier with the years…

I mean, think about it. Kite, master of the cute, had a darker more realistic portrayal than starlitdragon, the environment painter. Things sure changed.


8 Responses to Fishes

  1. Khora2150 / Laioken says:

    Usually prefer to bring back my own characters repeatedly when I can, like Verthandi, though only trouble for me is the two most commonly shown are Sarghs and Vloz, which until this chapter I did not have applicable characters.

    Still, seeing old faces again is good, avoids having too many to keep track of.

  2. Dalvyserran says:

    I would love to have a continuing line of cameo appearances, but at the same time, usually the only clans with that opportunity are sarghress and Vloz’ress . there’s a lot of people who are just waiting for their clan to show up.

  3. Synathra says:

    I can’t always afford a cameo so I tend to wait for chapters when a character I already have fits the role call descriptions. I do like to make new characters though, but if I buy a cameo for a new character it would probably be a chapter where none of my older characters fit the call.

    As for the scene described, I don’t know where in the chapter you’re putting Syn but he was born a Sarg so he would have past victories in his life to brag about, just none that are shown in the story yet. He would have had fighting experience before the Nidraa war. Maybe other ‘new’ characters have past experiences that just weren’t shown in the comic? If Syn has someone to brag with, maybe that scene could still work…maybe…

  4. Moatl says:

    I had the idea of my old Kyorl-character Woas’ned joining the Shargress in this chapter after he had to flee the Kyorl at the end of chapter 42. But this idea was rejected by Kern…

  5. Guilty Carrion says:

    Returning cast is obviously the best bet, although it was only in hindsight I learnt one of mine was totally cool to have made it back in time, but that’s just the ropes. Once a new one is all designed, it’s hard to just back out and use the old reliable, even if Baef is best.

    • Alric says:

      Heh, me too. I was under the mistaken impression that there wouldn’t be many Sarghress roles for this chapter and that characters from chapter 44-45 wouldn’t be able to show up again this time, hence Tur’geis and Die’tra not showing up in chapter 46. By the time we heard otherwise Lunareth and I had decided to use other characters for this chapter.

  6. Pitdragon says:

    I’ve been pondering a good way to show Eri’nyasa is out there with whatever pockets of Sharen are still being rooted out (or maybe she makes it to Zala’s horde?). Perhaps one day.