No big artwork to show today as our works were about the pages to come. But here’s the giveaway and side artworks that were done.
Giveaway for kingpower
Giveaway for Sharlyn
Giveaway for SwedishKitsune
And the Darkvolt representation of random discussions during the stream:




A special friday livestream where we’re hard at work on pages for the moonless age archive. Much Baliir , Sara, Kiel and Nau. Ending with the usual giveaways from the three of us! Want to watch, ask for random luigi noses , hang out or chat? Then drop by our multistream channel.


5 Responses to Friday stream

  1. Tainted Messiah says:

    Huh might actually stop by.. haven’t been to a stream in a bit normally my Saturdays are just swamped.

  2. Ombreh says:

    Meat Popsicle.

  3. swedish_kitsune says:

    A genderbent Zhor. Bet you didnt see that one coming! ;)
    Also we all hope that the move goes smoothly for you :)

  4. Beau Barbare says:

    Is the stream over? Its 3:20 Central time and I see everyone is offline. Did I miss it?