News on the move. We’ll be done putting things in storage on thursday. Friday we must clear the paperwork. Saturday we’ll be sending stuff to the appartement that’ll be waiting for us in april. Sunday we clean, clean, clean. Monday is our flight. Tuesday is setup. Wednesday back to normal work schedule. Meanwhile Lunareth got a 3 pages arch about baliir which will go online from monday to wednesday. These will be numbered pages and will remain as part of the chapter unlike the chibies which always goes at the end.

“Shinae what are you doing” By Kisame
Which answer is clearly “Doing what she always wanted to do” were she had no inhibition. Feel the freedom of having all your repressed side release, join snadhya’s evolved tainted. Just you wait , the mega evolution will be awesome.


4 Responses to ShiShi

  1. Mizu says:

    Good, good, let the hate flow through you and draw upon the power of the dark side, Shinae! Then learn to use your pressure sorcery to strangle people with your mind and become the next Empress!

  2. Synathra says:

    “Mega evolution”? You mean Snadhya’s ultimate goal is to turn everyone else… into Pok√©mon??? I figured once she conquered everything that her new world was going to be violent, but I had no idea she was THIS nasty! :-P