Concept for Commando peach. Featuring Emiko’s Kevren as well.
Concept for Ratatoskr
BATTLE MAID Taldrin for Tsukiko. Better serve that grouchy cat mistress fast.

I also improved some arts. Because.

Darkvolt’s. He was productive on his sidearts as he slept for once. Yes Darkvolt do sleep sometime.
Queen grouchy cat Luna order Chirinide’s head to be cut off for it is too hard to draw.
Metroid and gomba fat cat.
Giveaway for IsaiahCortez of Ariel drowny in pussies. Faen evil plan at work

Giveaway for bluetingy. Her other commission pending completion.

It’s concept arts time! you have a concept art commission with me? Show up to direct it’s making. I’ll do the sketch ofevery single one of them that are left and if anyone is missing, i’ll complete one of them to the coloring stage. Lunareth meanwhile will do ssu beef. abs, tight, muscles. You know the drill, it’ll be shiny. Darkvolt will do his usual feral pages with plenty of kitties.
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8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. LordPanther says:

    Goomba Fat Cat may be my most favorite thing ever.

  2. Thrair says:

    I dunno about that. Look on Zala’s face in that concept is pretty priceless. Fatcat has some competition.

    Cool to see Jak’iaah return. Even got a haircut. (That happens in webcomics?)

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    I never imagined that cat allergies would even be a thing in Drowtales. It sounds like the sort of thing that could bring shame on a person, or their family, and maybe drive them into the arms of a mercenary clan… hang on…

    Pretty Mario-fied boy keeps reminding me of Captain Hook (Disney version), can’t think why…

    As for poor Chirin’alice, she could try growing in court until she’s exactly a mile high (and can look the Daydream naga in the eye on her tower balcony without having to stand on tiptoe)… and then use her easy-to-draw feet to stomp the courtroom apart! Or…

    Chirin’alice: Your majesty… honour… majestic honour… I have stroking and ear scratching and belly rubs and shoulder massages and chin scritchies and back scritchies and neck scritchies and tail scritchies to take into consideration.

    Queen: You may approach the bench…

    And after a few hours assessing Chiri’s bona scritchies, the Queen decided to sentence her to the wanton clawing and biting attacks already served, and released her under a lot of plasters and TCP (covering the scratches on her hands).


    • Jak'iaah says:

      The allergy started as a squad joke in Relic Hunters… and now it’s canon. Poor sneezy Jak. :(

  4. Laerei says:

    Jak’iaah is strikingly similar to my character in Path to Power. A warrior who prefers fist to a sword, had the same haircut (minus red) and was unfortunate in love affairs. He ended up becoming a squad leader and eventually was one of the few veteran warriors left when the game ended.

    To clarify, he did not feel uncomfortable in love affairs, he just had bad luck in it. His first love was killed, his second love didn’t work out and his third love was unrequited.

    • Jak'iaah says:

      Sounds like he and Jak would have gotten along then. Jak isn’t so much “unlucky” with love….. so much as she just doesn’t really care too much about it (or the romance crap that comes with it). When it does occasionally happen she tends to be taken as dismissive and uncaring because she has no idea how to express herself and doesn’t really see the point in constantly validating her partner with declarations of love or anything.

      This is part of why Emperial and I like Kev/Jak so much. They’d basically just sit in silence together forever (….or until Aisha triggers a sneezing fit haha).