Our studio is nearly empty by now. The only thing left in this room is my desk, a lamp and an empty shelf that’ll be donated. It’s kind of sad in a way, but in the other hand this mean a big part of the challenge is over. Next week we have step 2 of the move to deal with, which is another load of boxing for things we’ll bring to our future appartment. This is when even my desk will be taken appart. And a whole lot of cleaning need to be done, a hel lot of cleaning. Though for this saturday it’ll be work from morning to night as per usual for any normal saturday!
Saturday stream start at 1hPM and will be all concept arts. You have a chapter 47 concept that wasn’t done? Then please drop by the channel. I’d like to do the sketches of all remaining concept and finish one of them to completion. As next week saturday stream will likely be about making special comic page updates to allow us a day or two to complete the move.Meaning this is my last chance to make a big push on these remaining concepts.

Ombreh pointed out she could very see grumpy cat under the mad seamstress mask. She was right. Except it’s naughty cat in that case.

And on the topic of certain snuggly character. This is Ninit in a nutshell, from the whale story on daydream
For those who may not have read the story, she is one of Lunareth characther who accompany the main character Slaine in hunting a mythical mist sea whale. She doesn’t beleive it to be real, but then she think everything Slaine does is bullshit.
Which is what make her adorable.


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  1. Ombreh says:

    I said that? Huh, my memory sucks. I see Grumpy Cat everywhere though.