We’re not knee deep in boxes, we’re head deep in them. In the morning the movers come for the bulk of the studio and house stuff to be brought to a warehouse. This has consumed all our time for commissions and almost all the time for making the pages as well! Still there was an update today and there will be one tomorrow, somehow. All this has impacted more than time, but also finances so sooner i can get back to your commissions, sooner everyone wins.

Gem76 has gone to a convention recently and commissions many artists for rendition of his character and Faen. It’s interesting to see how the artist dealt with a character they do not know.
Mamoru Yokota who worked on the following anime’s : AIr the Movie, Angelicum, Death Note, Kanon, Kiddy Grade and Magical Kanan
Michelle Mamalaki
Ng Nathan
Thanks for sharing the experience Gem!


4 Responses to Con Faens

  1. Synathra says:

    Nice work! Although it looks like two of the artists got Faen tainted. Are they predicting the future? Look out Faen!!

  2. NekoMartin says:

    The first two remind me of Mitsumi Misato’s work

  3. GEM76 says:

    LOL when I went to the con all I had with me is my tablet so I showed them the two pics that erfan did for me which they captured with there cell phones I forgot to tell them they were drow my bad ^^;

  4. Thrair says:

    @Neko, It’s the high foreheads & triangle-shaped facial structure, I think. But yeah, agree with ya.