The mad seamstress appeard in the week end updates, grunting and hissing. Well, she’s not a cameo.
Back in chapter 44 lunareth helped me getting some design done for the Vloz’ress at the last minute. Thus the idea that there is a mad seamstress in the vloz’ress sewing all the crazy outfits. Enter’s Vloz-bend Die’tra.
Or as Lunareth prefer to put it, her true self. But then her true self is also a grouchy cat. I’s hard to tell. Watch out for that third hand, it goes wandering.

No commission progress today. And there will be none until friday. Technically we’re in the middle of a move and ought be packing more as the movers come on thursday. I haven’t been able to do much today beside the page, and time is running out.So it may be time to cut on the pages sizes this week to avoid getting in troubles.


2 Responses to Mad seamstress

  1. Lunareth says:

    If the Mad Seamstress removes the mask, you find a grouchy cat face underneath. There you go
    . Everything explained.

    • Obsidian Agent says:

      Now I’ve got a mental image of Grumpy Cat’s face Photoshopped onto the Seamstress’ body…