Commission for Lordpanther of a dark elf queen, Beshaal, from an older daydream story. I’ve a grudge against this background. It’s wrong, and so the picture feel wrong. I could tweak it for hours but i don’t have the time so as some said in the chat room : set it on fire! That’ll improve the picture :D

Giveaway for Njack

Darkvolt completed the page of we are ferals, it’s now up! Cuuuube cat.

Giveaway for Midevi by Mau

Thiefling for Artsychan by Darkvolt.

No luna today after all. She was taken away to see the mighty smaug be taken down unfairly.

I have a terrible news to share. There will be no kitties on the livestream until april. I know. Those random cat visit were the highlights of any stream but they must depart this morning to their temporary home until our move is complete. By next saturday’s livestream there won’t be a Kite desk in the background any longer. And by the last livestream of the month, even my desk will be half of what it was, marking the last livestream to be held in this home. There you go, timeline using streaming!
Speaking of said stream, we start at noon.
On today’s stream. Mau will complete the Kiel pirate commission. Lunareth will do Kyorl beef for Madea. And finally i will do some Final fantasy love. If i can squeeze the time, a concept art sketch will be done as well! Plus the giveaway as always at the end, because everyone love free requests.
There is a chance that Lunareth may have to depart unexpectedly, in whih case Darkvolt, if he is concious, will be stepping in.
Want to watch, marvel at fairies or just hang out? Come by our stream. We promise we won’t bite.


3 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Thrair says:

    That puppy is kind of adorable.

  2. Mizu says:

    Is that supposed to be based on Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue?

    And, I can’t tell if Shinae’s head got bigger or her body got smaller, either way she should probably visit a doctor ASAP.