The studio will move out of this house at the end of the month. Our equipment will move into storage until early april and until then we will have to keep with updating the site remotely using borrowed equipment and what can fit in a luggage. So yes, what i feared came true. After waiting years now it’s all coming in a rush that we suspected might happen since well, 2013, if i recall correctly. In april we’ll have an apartment to setup part of our work space again. It’s my hope and goal that this will not affect the updates anymore than it already does. We’ll keep making pages and Lunareth will do a chibi strip for the time of the actual move. For the moment i’m dealing with a lot of related issues to that move, and next week will be the packing. Now, while i aim to maintain updates, i’ve no clues how much time i will have for commission until february. Very likely the bare minimum ; please , i hope you will forgive the delay if you have a commission with me.

To make that matter worse, i redrew a concept art sketch by mistake this morning. Turn up Betor was one of the first completed concept months ago:
So Betor long lost twin brother is born.

But here’s thrair concept sketch at least
And a five minute portrait of Thalar future baby:
Because it’s totaly accurate.


18 Responses to Moving

  1. Gunbird says:

    Do you have enough room for stuff in the apartment.

    Stay strong Kern and Kite.

  2. thalar says:

    Totally accurate :D

    I hope everything works out well!

  3. Thrair says:

    First off, sorry about the whole situation. Hopefully things work out well in the long-run.

    Secondly: OMG. The concept looks fantastic already! *giddy unmanly squee*

    • Kern says:

      You waited so long for it. Sorry.

      • Thrair says:

        Oh, phhllbbbbtttt. :P Wasn’t too bad, and it was worth the wait. :P And real life always takes priority, anyways.

        ‘Sides, I’m the type that’s a little impatient and reads ahead in the book for spoilers, so this was good for me. Built character. :)

  4. Xenon says:

    oh no!! are you guys going to need anything? :(

  5. Razara says:

    Please be very careful when moving, guys. I moved a few days ago, and my 3DS along with some video games were stolen. Protect the sacred fat cat plushie, lest it fall into the hands of some villain! D:

    Just glad none of my Drowtales stuff was stolen. *Guards with life*

  6. Pariel says:

    Good luck. Remember to make yourself a nice “moving stuff” schedule. I didn’t and last day of moving out it was Benny Hill all over.

  7. Vilx- says:

    If I may ask – why move now? Can’t you wait until you’ve found a good place to move to? Or is the house becoming impossible to stay in?

    • sarogo89 says:

      “If I may ask – why move now? Can’t you wait until you’ve found a good place to move to? Or is the house becoming impossible to stay in?”
      Quoting from here ,
      “It’s very complicated once lawyers are involved. That’s part of why we’re leaving once spring start. Just give the keys to someone else as the house get fixed and emptied for sale. Even if it were fixed fully, we’d still want to leave. Think of it as having bad memories of a place ; whenever you go to said place you have those memories coming back. Now just think it’s your home that get all those bad memories attached to.”

    • Kern says:

      Ask me on skype and i’ll explain in details.