Behold the fat, behold the cat.


These adorable sprites were done by the adorable Kite! To be used appropriately during the streams. And by appropriately i mean in the most random way possible!

Motivational for Tsukiko. because she’s awesome.
Nothing else to show because this damn house is still making sure i get as little work time as possible these days.


One Response to The fat sleeps

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    “It’s alright to love butts.” Could this be the overriding message of Drowtales? Promotion of butt-appreciation and acceptance of butt-love…?

    -“I was just passing this stand in the dealers room when a bunch of people started worshipping my butt!”

    -“Ah, that would be the Drowtales people… they’re an officially recognised religious sect, and have freedom to worship as they see fit. Did they actually touch or molest you?”

    -“No, but they gave me this tee-shirt: ‘Faen’arae Val’Sullisin’rune says WORSHIP THIS BUTT’.”

    -“Really? Did you know that the owner of the coffee franchise is a follower, and you’ll get a 75% discount if you wear it?”

    – … *dons shirt* “So this means I can actually afford a caffeine jolt now??” *pats own butt* “I am truly blessed! I must go and try it out!”