Stream went down for 30 minutes today from DDOS attack. And then things took longer than expected but here’s the result!
For two characters all in black , i sure spent quite a bit of time polishing the coloring. 3 different lightsource, one reflected light, 3 texture set, 1 bloom… crazy XD

Giveaway for nightpaw.

My answer to Becky comment about our livestream. Basicly the cat says “i aim to entertain”. In fat cat speak…
Speaking of Becky, she did this portrayal of one of the event during the stream. It feature me, lunareth, Mau and said Becky. The rest is up to your imagination if you weren’t there.
Faen reacting to yesterday’s post. By Luna.
Giveaway for Snow4y by Luna.
Gifts from Asdpique and Tsukiko. Thanks to the both of you. That fat cat perler is so cute Tsuki! This also mark the first package being opened live. As Mau and Lunareth both had packages with sign of damages containing food. It wasn’t wise to wait on those! I know there is at least one more package coming, which will be opened during an upcoming stream.
On today’s stream, lunareth will do some beef for Catriana. Mau will do some pirate Kiel and Nau for Lordpanther. And i will finish B’s Waesoloth meeting Naal, followed by either a FF14 elven couple or the next sharen concept art. With at the end the usual giveaway from the 3 of us!
Want to watch, chat, or just hang out? Drop by our multistream.


10 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Tsukiko says:

    You are all very pretty fairies :)

  2. AthenAltena says:

    Poor Waes, you can really see on her face how conflicted she is to see Naal like that.

  3. ThatGuyThisGuy says:

    Doe anybody have any idea who was behind the DDOS attack and how and why they did it?

  4. Beau Barbare says:

    I wish I had not missed this stream!

  5. Mizu says:

    Is it those Lizard Squad ass holes? They have been running around hacking all attacking all sorts of places I like, which I know is probably coincidence but it still annoys me.

  6. Illasol says:

    Pikachu one of the Mods at Picarto was in the chat and mentioned they know who did this and they are trying to get him.

  7. Greenwood Goat says:

    Waes’soloth: (thinks) Well… it’s not that bad… she still recognises her mother and Ill’haress… Val Kiel’ndia has kept her fed and… as healthy as can be expected… we can always have a carriage or golem made to move her around in, she’ll be useful for terrifying enemies and disposing of corpses, and… she’s still got the Beldie boobs – eat your heart out Quain, queen of the flat plain… yes, this could have been a lot worse… I’ll go and commandeer a suitable cart to get her home, and alert the dressmaker.

    And now I am picturing a scene with Waes, Naal and Kharla taking tea and cake – Naal sits in between Waes and Kharla, sipping from her teacup, little finger crooked, saucer resting in one of her supernumerary hands, another supernumerary arm offering round the dish with the cake, one of her tentacles trying to steal a slice to feed to the blob kitty.


    • Mizu says:

      And then Khal’Harror ruins it by showing up with his latest Naal golem to show everyone the new playback feature he invented that lets it sing.

  8. Thrair says:

    Yah. Kind of feel bad for Waes, here. She doesn’t have many kids left, does she? :(