The livestream will be at 2hPM. With Lunareth and Mau ! Yes a Mau return. There will be the first live opening of a package too. As for what will be drawn : Beefcakes for Cat. Waesoloth for B. Either a FF14 artwork or a sharen concept art. And likely the pirate Kiel artwork that Mau began.

The dance of the lawyers is over but now begin the selling of our home. What’s most difficult is the uncertainty and how it affect our time restricted routine. Wheter we’ll have to leave this month, in march or april, and wheter we’ve hope to find a new home this year is unknown. Please don’t tell us to reduce updates. This is our work, our life, we care to make a great story and have people read it. We will persevere regardless of the reasons because this is important to us. Given the choice, i’d bury myself into the work, as i expect any dedicated creator would.
This said, no commission progress today.


One Response to Motivation fat cat

  1. Code says:

    Moving eh?

    I know what that’s like, all too well. It took about 3 months for me to get settled down.
    but~ that was with over the top crazies.
    I’m sure you’rs will be smoother.

    Good luck!