Next daydream remake page sponsored by Lordpanther is up. I had to finish it today as the sponsor leave for a long time. Next urgent commissions are : Finishing B-woman artwork on saturday. Start the FF14 commission. Finish Gem76 comic page. And everybody else concept art for the current chapter. Of which there s 7. 2 of which sharen alliance, 5 of which sarghress. Because of this it’s likely the scene will change to the sharen first before going to the sarghress again. Just so all the concepts are ready.
As to the story itself, we’ve decided to open it to votes on specific options, once we think a vote will matter. Maybe 2 page later. But at the rate i’m going on this, that’d mean 2 months from now.

Did 3 quick chibi today to cheer up the crew. 5 minutes each kind of things.
In the end, today’s update will still be late as Kite is still very sick since monday. I seem to have (mostly) dodged catching it.

We can’t end on a sad note however. See this cute Ssu Luna did today.^4956C48544B833D63996F1353704D88D08230F70218E56FC8E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr


7 Responses to Cheer up , it’s boobs.

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Maybe you should take a few days off, burrito Kite in a snuggly blanket and feed her choco and beef and healthy things until she is better?

  2. Finn MacCool says:

    i seriously hope we don’t get to vote on anything too important.

  3. Mizu says:

    Take a break, none of us will die. I mean, look at some other webcomics! Order of the Stick updates like twice a month, your regular 6 updates a week+a slew of side material and random drawings is actually really unusual. Granted a lot of webcomics are something people do on the side instead of being a major source of income, but still.