Today was remake day in the stream but they chose of the hardest cover for me to tackle; Chapter 12. Which was the last cover i colored by myself for 9 years. See the second picture and do the count:23 characters! With a maximum of 5 hours to do it. Yeah that needed severe streamlining. In the end 3 composition were offered and they chose the first picture above. To be colored at a later date due to it’s size and complexity.
Note that i don’t think the old cover was bad. For back in 2005 that was good for me. I see variation in colors. Things in focus, things out of focus. A mirror effect, whole cast presentation and colors are varied while being mirrored. But at the same time things were very stiff. Funnily enough, the new version is less stiff even though they’re not fighting anymore. I wish i hadn,t stopped coloring for so many years after this. For i’d be a lot more advanced in my arts right now if i had continued. I don’t mean by this that i wish i had colored all the pages, but continued doing stand alone artworks, like i do for 2 years now. Completing artworks, trying various things, is essential for progress.

Athaso giveaway, a guild wars 2 character.

lordpanther cameo concept art in progress.

Mau completed the new ship to strenghten The B armada:

Lunareth giveaway for Eucep. Her page is not complete yet.

And Kite remake from the early days when we first met.
This is what it used to look like 10 years ago:
More clean, yet more chibi!

On today’s very special livestream the audience will be able to choose what artwork i will remake. No sponsor this time, only the audience, 13 years old of backwork and one piece that shall be selected to be remade. Note that it has to be a piece that is still online on the web site or online galleries i hold. Last year audience choice was chapter 10 cover for exemple.
Kite will also do a remake of an old artwork, but one of her choice. Lunareth will do her whale page. All three to wrap up with a giveaway at the end.
Want to participate? Come by our multistream channel.


7 Responses to saturday stream new year remake edition HD EX3+ all stars ultimate pack

  1. Sahara says:

    Are you going to replace the old page with the remake? I was impressed at the improvement with the last cover that you did a remake for, but when reading through the comic, the old cover is still there. You should totally put the new cover in it’s place!

  2. Ombreh says:

    Everything is beautiful.

  3. SFI/Bwoman says:

    OTP! OTP! *flails through the entire website*


    • Obsidian Agent says:

      Out of curiosity, what made you ship Waes with Kel’noz? I mean, there are certainly WORSE pairings, but this just seems slightly… crack.