The third urgent commission which i had today as deadline is completed. When i say “urgent” i refer that the last 3 commissioners had set deadlines that needed to be met fast. While it does mean they jump the line, it also mean they paid much more. In the end this extra support the studio so i beg anyone waiting for their forgiveness for disrupting the waiting list. Though it’s possible that i wouldn’t have worked as much on commissions during the holidays without the extra incentive.
I actually don’t know which version of the skin color will be kept at the time of the posting! The commission was for an elf, but the person mentioned she should have a drow skin color, but i don’t think he is a reader so the choices of skin colors i offered may not be what the skin color is in the setting of the character. We’ll see. It’s pretty easy to change regardless.
As for the chest size, yes it’s quite big. But then, it’s a good practice to do a different body type!

So what’s next. Saturday i think should be devoted to the remake of whatever the audience want and B-woman Waesoloth artwork completion. If Dalvy has her way it’ll be chapter 9 cover remake which i have an idea for. But in the end those present at the time ought have the final word.
The ni’bai squad concept arts are due very soon and of course Gem76 and Lordpanther’s pages are both needing completion.

as for friday page for moonless. It’s already done! Thanks to smaller page layout(it’s actually the old page format, before we extended everything to crazy lenght!) and the chibi pages. But since the last page upload was a couple hours ago , we’ll wait till the morning to put it up. Then we depart for the new year familly gathering. If you send an email, i’ll be answering it saturday morning.


9 Responses to Buxom elf

  1. Moatl says:

    Happy New Year!
    It’s already time for chibi-pages? Is chapter 47 »only« 31 pages long? Or is this just an intermission?

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      It better not be, I have a plot to firm up!

      • Moatl says:

        Well, cibi-pages doesn’t mean an end of a chapter, inevitably.
        Maybe we can expect »seasonal greetings«.
        Plus: There are still a lots of cameos left.

        • sarogo89 says:

          Actually I believe it is referring to the Chibi pages which were previously done by Luna, as they mention uploading the page today. Chibi pages don’t really help you get back on schedule until you put them up, at least as far as I understand things. Also they wouldn’t really make you finish a page quicker, so the page wouldn’t have been done because of chibi pages which are not posted.

    • Kern says:

      yes it’s refering to Luna work.

  2. Ombreh says:

    Oh dear we’re all gonna explode into sloppy joes.

  3. Mizukithepanda says:

    I don’t know what the commissioner wanted, but personally, I think this particular character looks better with the coloration that’s closer to a light elf or drowussu than a drowolath. I just think it plays off the colors in her costume, eyes, and hair a bit better.

  4. Etheryn says:

    Dem thighs !