May 2015 bring you joy, pizza days and fat cats. The first depend on the second and third. Dog lovers may find joy in fat doggies as well.
The picture above was commissioned by Durlyn. Quain’tana and Ash kissing in some surface festival.

On schedules. We are feral just got it’s holiday special. Moonless will update it’s thursday page likely around noon. Daydream should be friday. I was hoping for something before that but we are still in the holidays.


6 Responses to Happy new year!

  1. Ombreh says:

    *pweet* *confettis* *pweet pweet pweet* Bonne Année 2015.

  2. Laerei says:

    Head uut aastat aka happy new year!

  3. Laerei says:

    PS, I know what that festival is! Quain’tana is out of her armor, that’s worth celebrating!

  4. 'Lement says:

    I am usually not fond of AUs, but that is a lovely picture. For 2015!

  5. Razorburn645 says:

    Happy New Year!

  6. Pitdragon says:

    Happy New Year!