It’s done! Hopefully the background will look alright as the original reference to follow were depicting a rather insanely hard chaptel to paint. This is Kaito and Riz, as Miquote from Final fantasy 14 having their wedding. This was a rushed commission meant sunday sponsored by Khora. Yup i’m late. Tomorrow i must do another rushed one which is for Durlyn. Following that is another rushed one for a new reader. Then it’ll be back to finishing the commission i begun and hopefully concept arts @_@. Those remaining vloz’ress really need their concept art done.
Now on schedule, we won’t be there friday. But there will be a page. I’ll just make it a simpler page.

A new world setting page got done too but that one will end up in the side archive. To go online on friday as well.


2 Responses to Cats wedding

  1. Laurie says:

    Everything looks fantastic. It’s a gorgeous drawing, Kern!